Foto do fundo: Auto-retrato - São Miguel do Oeste - SC by Alice Elaine

quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012


Lilly by Alice

Boneca de porcelana
Cabelos longos
Dorso simétrico
Espádua nua
Fina beleza
Garganta adornada
Homens aos pés
Iris clara
Jóias nas mãos
Lábios carnudos
Mulher formada
Nariz arrebitado
Olhos gateados
Pernas torneadas
Quadril formoso
Rostinho de menina
Seios perfeitos
Tiara de rainha
Unhas vermelhas
Ventre tentador
Xeque-mate no silêncio
Zelosa obra-prima...

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

14th day

The order is to be alert on the full moon
As blood flows through the pores
Night falls full of lights
In the nearly two millennia away

The glass is full
The time is near
Nobody sleeps with this song
Eye to eye all night

Trouble and anguish
From a shady garden
Neon, drinks and songs.
Fashionable clothing, full house.

A horde approaches
The kiss betrays the Lord
A kiss for each
Love without treason or not.

The night extends until the morning
Scams, humiliation and slander
Multiply hands
Bodies quiver and break glasses.

At cockcrow, cry
In the eyes of the innocent, the pain.
dawn lively
Who are you really?

The sun illuminates the guilty
Accusations spring as part
Late night, warm bed.
Warm bath, to eat bad food

Passing a tyrant a tyrant
There are no words to be spoken
For hands that passed?
Who played, who struck?

The verdict was always the same
From the beginning to the end
Dreams are empty
The body does not recover

At noon is in plain sight
There is no denying this view
No hunger, no mood
In bed rest your bones.

Above his head a plate
In the wood - the kingdom
Around his neck a chain
Gold - a crucifix

Three hours of darkness
Three hours of extreme suffering
Three hours of sleep
Three hours of nothing

When energy is findarem
"Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?"
The eyes open
The day begins in the afternoon

He received the life and power
Three days after the victory.
Even today, do not know what was done
For you, so long ago...

Onde estão?