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quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Not so simple

I Beg you:
“Do not you forget about me…”
And the answer is so obvious,
That is a motive to crying…
“Often not forget who I love.”
What can not be take away,
Screams in the chest,
With the strength of several powerful
And console our hearts…
Were it not for the broken glasses,
The dreams lost in old letters,
The departures and endless waits.
If not to destroy ourselves which was nice.
Doubt, doubtdoubt...
They hang on the head by our own fault.
The guarantee was given,
But we want the promise fulfilled.
Because we have to doubt ourselves.

Agradecimentos ao meu BigBrother @MárcioGrings pela revisão do meu pobre inglês!

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