Foto do fundo: Auto-retrato - São Miguel do Oeste - SC by Alice Elaine

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

unfinished dreams

It is perfect for you
The moment is beautiful
The ringing hot with cold hands
The face blushes red as a rose
The lights go out
The stars shine
But the colors will
The eyes open
The Alarm playing your horn
The dream ends without a single kiss
Close your eyes
The pillow does not help
He does not return
Never comes to an end
No matter all the effort
The reality is hard
People are not shelf items
You can not choose everything
We have no guarantee
And yet there are expiration dates
Turn, Dream, again ...
Tonight he will not come
Another day maybe ...
Tonight will be clear
With that will never be real
Dreams are not perfect ...
The cake was never cut
The free flight is interrupted by the fall
The stairs do not have steps
The clothes disappear
People come and go
The places are strangely recognizable
Run and not get tired
Climb up and fall is right
Wake up every day
Wishing dream more
Daydream and will never be the same
Do not mind the lines of the program
There reprise in the film of the night
The villain is smarter
The young man is deaf
The darkness does not hide
The rope is short
I fight with you, I love you
And in the morning
You are here
By my side
And hath not seen,
Do not know anything
In my parallel universe
I can hardly remember
When you wake up ...

Janela Casarão Arroio Grande-RS by Alice


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