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terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

No Time...

Tempestade by Alice

You know what to talk
Something really important,
Why do you think
Shall put his hand in a hornet's nest.
But the Bible speaks of bloodguilt,
Condemns the cowardly,
The men who omits are to murderers.
Go to sleep thinking,
Wake up with your grieving heart.
These are harsh words,
But messages are healing.
Freedom is within reach,
But many still choose to prison,
She looks good:
Not so much work,
Not charge rent
You even get used to the routine ...
And the routine is good, they are mistaken.
Why not see
That in their island,
In your world 3 x 1.5,
It is not a life,
The sun does not shine,
The birds do not sing.
Say they do not escape.
No have Way to go, say resigned.
Become accustomed to their blinders.
Do not dare to answer your questions.
"If there are no answers, then there is to look at."
Listen, then,
Pay attention!
Their minds tell you that there is something out there
In his dreams the world is different.
And you just ask them to believe
Or, at least,
Listen to you more often.
The answers are all in one place ...
Just open your eyes when you wake up and let a willing heart
Need not agree,
Just consider the arguments, see the logic.
Some will find a treasury and shall be given them keys
May use it at any time.
Many are afraid to use,
Afraid of becoming rich and change their lives.
You do not want to have this fear.
And what a hurry, because time is short
The waters are rising rapidly and the sky is shaken
Soon, everything will change ...


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